About IAGP

Executive Management Group

President: Kate Bradshaw Tauvon, MA, GA Dip, TEP (Sweden)

Vice President: Richard Beck, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAGPA (USA)

Secretary: Catherina Mela (Greece)

Treasurer: Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, Dipl Arch, Mem IGA(London) (UK/New Zealand)

Senior Executive Member: Maria van Noort (Netherlands)

Young Professionals Representative: Awaiting an appointment


Board of Directors

Chung Ying Chen, MD (Taiwan)

Ekaterina Mikhailova, PhD (Russia)

Esther Stone, MSSW (USA)

Eva Fahlström Borg, MA (Sweden)

Galabina Tarashoeva, MD (Bulgaria)

Gerda Winther, (Denmark) 

Giovanna Cantarella, PhD (Italy)

Jun Maeda, MA (Japan)

Kaoru Nishimura, (Japan)

Luis Palacios Araus, (Spain)

Marcia Almeida Batista, PhD (Brazil)

Maria da Penha Nery, PhD (Brazil)

Marianne Wiktorin, MA (Sweden)

Maurizio Gasseau, PhD (Italy)

Mona Rakhawy, MD, PhD (Egypt)

Nevzat Uctum Muhtar, PhD (Turkey)

Ray Haddock, MBChB, MMedSc, FRCPsych (UK)

Thor Kristian Island, MD (Norway) 

Xu Yong, MD (P R China)


Section Chairs:

Chair Analytic Group Section: Anne Lindhardt, MD (Denmark)

Chair Education Committee: Assie Gildenhuys, PhD (South Africa)

Chair Family Therapy Section: Maite Pi Ordónez, MD (Spain)

Chair of Organisational Consultancy Committee: Peter Howie MEd, TEP (Australia)

Chair Psychodrama Section: Dena Baumgartner, PhD, TEP (USA)

Chair Transcultural Section: Cristina Martinez-Taboada, PhD (Spain)


Consultative Assembly of Affiliate Organizations (CAOA)
Michael Wieser, Mag Dr (Austria) and Kate Bradshaw Tauvon MA, GA Dip, TEP (Sweden)

Membership Chairs
Marcia Almeida Batista, PhD (Brazil) and Maria da Penha Nery, PhD (Brazil)



Samuel B. Hadden M.D. (USA): 1973-1977

Raymond Battegay, M.D. (Switzerland): 1977-1980 

Malcolm Pines, M.D. (UK): 1980-1984

Jay W. Fidler, M.D. (USA): 1984-1986

Grete Leutz, M.D. (Germany): 1986-1989

Fern Cramer Azima, Ph.D. (Canada):1989-1992

Alberto C. Serrano, M.D. (USA): 1992-1995

Earl Hopper, Ph.D. (UK): 1995-1998

Roberto de Inocencio, M.D. (Spain): 1998-2000

Sabar Rustomjee, FRANZCP (Australia): 2000-2003

Christer Sandahl, Ph.D. (Sweden): 2003-2006

Frances Bonds-White, Ed.D. (USA): 2006-2009

Jorge Burmeister, M.D. (Switzerland/Spain): 2009-2012


IAGP is dedicated to the inspirational thinking and action of

JL Moreno, MD (USA)

SH Foulkes, MD (UK)


Founded in 1973, the international Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, IAGP is a worldwide network of professionals involved in the development of group psychotherapy and group processes, in the areas of theory, clinical practice, training, education research and consultancy.


The International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP) is a network of professionals involved in the development of group psychotherapy and group processes in the areas of theory, clinical practice, training, education, research and consultancy. Our network provides opportunities for meeting the others: professions, theories and cultures – who are exploring the applications of small, median and large group processes in clinical, organizational and political settings. These meetings have great potential for furthering international cooperation on training, research, clinical work and consultancy in a multicultural society. On 12th August, 2003, the IAGP was incorporated in Switzerland, and on 10th October, 2003, it was granted the status of a Swiss tax-exempt charity (Reg. no. 409/2003). To find out more about the IAGP’s history, please see the paper by Anne Schutzenberger, our Honorary Archivist, which appeared in an edition of our journal, Forum. (This past edition of Forum is available in electronic format. A more recent history of the IAGP will be available soon.)

In June 2006, the members voted to change the name of the IAGP from ‘The International Association of Group Psychotherapy’ to ‘The International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes.’ This was done to reflect the expansion of our members’ interests. Despite the name change, the acronym ‘IAGP’ will remain the same. 

In addition to acting as an umbrella for its own affiliate organisations and running events with organisational partners throughout the world, the IAGP is seeking to further its mission through cooperation with the Word Psychiatric Association (WPA) and other carefully selected international umbrella organisations. Further details here.